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ProtoSphere is the Virtual Office for Microsoft Office.

ProtoSphere provides a persistent 3D collaboration environment, where each room is an always-on Skype for Business call. Data in these rooms is managed by SharePoint and each endpoint in the call is represented by a fully customizable avatar.  Bring persistence, identity, and content together to humanize work for your customers.

  • Always-on 3D workspaces
  • Versatile displays that support multiple formats of persistent content, including stored video
  • Improved knowledge transfer and retention for extended learning engagements
  • Advanced break out functionality
  • An immersive experience that can mimic a real life event, without the associated high cost of travel

How to use ProtoSphere to compete with Cisco. Watch this video:

In addition to pulling Skype for Business through in your account, ProtoSphere also integrates with Office 365, SharePoint, Active Directory, Office, Outlook, and SQL..

This innovative solution allows you to compete by appealing to strategic line of business buyers, like CIOs, Learning Leads, Collaboration Architects, and Operational Leaders. Contact us today and see how ProtoSphere can help you sell the Microsoft Stack, with the Virtual Office, for Microsoft Office.





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